The Wisdom of the Sages

(1) Politicians who demand that we be “above politics” are beneath our contempt.

(2) An elected official telling people “y’all need to get Jesus” is like Heinrich Himmler
ordering the SS to abide by Kant’s categorical imperative.

(3) Now that the Cherokee Nation has lost its sovereignty in Oklahoma, their only hope
is to go back where they came from. However, when they march through Georgia, the
Supreme Court must forbid them to shed a tear for Andrew Jackson, although they will
be at liberty to collect 11,879 ballots cast for Walt Kelly in the 2020 election, and return
them to Mr. Pogo Possum, c/o Okefenokee Swamp, for safekeeping.

(4) Donald Trump analyzing Cassie Hutchinson’s handwriting is a sure sign that he is up
against the wall, which is exactly where he left the Beast after losing control of the wheel.

(5) Guns don’t kill people; gun nuts kill people, with a lifetime discount from the NRA.

(6) Philosophers must again ponder the age-old question: If Ghislaine Maxwell hangs herself in her cell, will anybody see or hear it? If Rudy Giuliani does, will anyone care?

(7) Those who swear loudly at the slightest provocation shall never testify under oath.

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn