all FUHRER one

Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Michele Flynn- (meet the) -THREE STOOGES.

All PARDONED by Trump- yet none stayed out of stooging TRUMP’S TREASON.

Stone cleverly secreated a kidney stone parachute limo exit out of DC – (day of riot).

Bannon runs a Grifty mouth, right up to that FEDERAL court date- then he pukes a different tune.

Flynn pleads the FIFTH more often then a drunk hanging on a bar stool- Flynn sees himself as a Qanon BATMAN- he enjoys a 3-star general’s retirement at tax payer expense, in addition to Russia bribes for selling out America.

General Mooch, Private Disaster, and Major Malfunction.

Each STAR GAZING STOOGE believes HE is the smartest “Trump whisperer” in the Bozosphere.

Stone pedals vanity, Bannon- Fuhrer- broadcasting, Flynn- whines antihero MARVEL COMIC BULLSHIT wearing a MAGA TIN STAR HAT…

Call em “the THREE AMIGO’S”- (all Fuhrer one, none Fuhrer America).

Witness what happens when TIN FOILED TRAITORS are PARDONED by a SOCIOPATH.

None of them can actually “TAKE IT”-meaning…

just go-ahead assholes- TAKE the stand and say IT under OATH-


Remorselessly “DISHING OUT” -FRAUD, FEAR and FASCISM. – (their claim- to blame).

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Signed: Glenn Jones