one schlep ahead of the LAW

2 BILLION buy’s a lot of ISRAELI NUCLEAR SECRETS, – all it took was Trump’s Mussolini squat and a non-Kosher suppository headed by Kushner.

Fake- piety “Jared”- worships GREED, – behold his holee spelunking pilgrimage to Mecca.

Slum-in-Law- Jared –grifted 2 BILLION… thanks Saudi Prince what’s yur name? (MBS).

Prince Oil Lord- silk robes… MURDERED an American Journalist in a Turkish embassy-
diplomatic impunity.

MBS publicly bragged “Kushner’s in his pocket” – (robes don’t have pockets)- so Jared simply “inserted himself up a SHEIKS ass”!

Jared Kushner’s DNA and Trump’s greasy porkburger footprints – smeared all over STOLEN TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS.

“Appoint myself a special disaster, judge shop a district Stooge”.

Infidel Poohbah GRIFTER Trump- demonstrates again how “myfilth walks between legal raindrops, while murdering Democracy on Fifth Avenue”.

Sooo “Rolex” smart, Trump’s sticky fingers didn’t wear “Latex” protection…(follow Duh money).

Family money “inserted” Jared up Harvard’s requiem.

Despite a grifted Ivy League education- Jared’s idiotic purchase on 666 Park Avenue
proved the deepest real estate hole EVER excavated in New York City.


Kushner… actually bought the Brooklyn bridge- debts paid (later) with ESPIONAGE and TOP SECRET SWINDLING.

Trump’s election meant- MBS Saudi financing would “float” 666 and dim wit Jared “on a big, oily, fart bubble” – extortion.

Riding Saudi flatulence to Ivanka’s soiled Penthouse- Jared proves – money can FLY anything.

Just as deranged Saudi pilots leveled the World Trade Center- Trump and Kushner’s behavior soils civility- straight into Hell.

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