Another brick in THE WALL

Dr. NO (OZ) – recommends – Putin and Trump check into Vlad’s Moscow mental hospital-(special operations ward 666).

Good riddance Crimea folly, 2024 election bids, Fascist empire building…hello enema for troubled souls.

Trump is slick, Vlad is sicker…

Sending tens of thousands of Russian troops to their death… belching a rich oligarch diet-Vlad doesn’t feel citizens pain or hunger- (Dah)-let Zem eat cake at Mar-o Lago!

Perhaps Vlad needs putsch in right direction? … a swan song for failing empires, falling walls, – sudden weight loss programs.

Tone-deaf Attacks on Ukraine, shelling nuclear reactors – Euro extortion schemes- in tatters.

Fearless leaders chart says- Delusional, sociopathic- basically Trump in red square selling MAGA hats.

Cyrillic Tome sent with creepy plastic bouquet says- subjugated borderland neighbors- closely watching Ukraine- “regime changes-Armenia NEXT”.

From Russia with SHOVE.

Moscow’s sixth floor fresh air sanatorium… always vacancy- secure- as secret Swiss Bank account transfers.

Vlad’s 666-star hotel of “last resort” -designed for cranky oil minister oligarchs… KGB say… icy air works blunders!

Navalny’s prison TOAST – (surviving Putin’s poisonings-threats)- “HERES TO YOU… LOSER”.

Putin’s straightjacketed military academy Ferris Zeal – conscript’s SOAR at own pace-then… HIT ground running, (before turret blows OFF).

STEAL BARS on frosted balcony- oversees numbing concrete expanses- (AND that’s just THE space between Vlad’s ears).

Until Special Military Operation debacle – propaganda hotel Trump planned for Moscow- told no fails! “pure GENIUS”.

Stirred, not shaken.

James Bond raises his signature dry martini-
“May comrade Putin “live as long as he deserves”.

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Signed: Glenn Jones