Show us your cards

Show US your cards.

Let’s get this “Trump’s inditement show” -on the road.

Every Congressperson claiming stolen election, riding slopgun on Trump’s stagecoach of stupid, … undermines Democracy.

Trump’s failed FASCIST plotting only ends badly.

“Crackpot clown cars”.


Once fascists grab a wheel- they never relinquish power.

Have you not noticed? Other people’s violence is all Steve Bannon and Roger Stone characters delight in. Telling others…” KILL EM ALL”. Then- “THEY DID IT- NOT ME”.

MAGA “bluster” about rioting in the streets… that’s disturbing.

Drive em off your insurrectionist cliff- Mr. LOSER – lead your BIG man charge from something besides a TV sofa cushion.

Why the vindictiveness?

Because Americans went to war for Europe- fighting Hitler’s thugs-NAZI banners and philosophy were (and are)- hatred of diversity, fear of genuine democracy.

One play book “STRONG MAN- Mussolini types”- one tool- brick bats to beat down what can’t be earned honestly.

Like Putin bombing playgrounds … Trump types- playing victim.

Blame another struggling minority. Divide, conquer and spit- on elementary schoolers.

Throwing common sense and grace out church windows, chugging Kool aide- respecting no one- WHITE SOUR.

Wrapped in 45 flags, carrying 666 bibles- this current issue conservative Supreme Court is well on its way to fulfilling its autocracy mission.

A “FEDERALIST WHITE POWER” agenda- marching everyone straight to Hell.

FDR faced the same crooks in the 1930’s- Roosevelt threatened to do what Joe Biden must do now- appoint enough Justices to correct this criminal imbalance.

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Signed: Glenn Jones