Change the narrative

Change the narrative.

Why are Democrats being hammered?

The GOP doesn’t have any high ground- they don’t even have a platform- just insurrectionist election deniers.

One rotten plank in Republican politics- hammered into crooked gallows at our Capital, all intended for- HANGING MIKE PENCE, killing Nancy Pelosi, – maybe you.

Violence and fear – something evangelistic, ultra conservatives deliver- this election.


Isolationist boomerangs, superstition compounding fear, dismissing covid and science.

Inflation and gas prices are directly caused by Trump’s “genius friend Vlad” attempting to install his NEW WORLD DISORDER.

Corporate Oil executives deliver excessive price gouging at your pump- syphoning democracy -THATS what fossil fuels deliver “OIL” so well.

Democrats, please remind voters…

Trump never disowned his “BFF- KGB” boyfriend Vlad.

Rewatch Trump’s videos- (sucking Vlad’s shoes in Helsinki).

A vote for ANY republican is a VOTE for PUTIN- Kevin McCarthy personally telegraphed his groveling subservience to Kremlin masters.

Fox News takes Vlad’s side regarding RUSSIAN WAR CRIMES on Ukrainian, or Virginia Governor Youngkin making jest of the speaker’s husband being attacked.

Margorie TRAITOR Greene and (carping Pedophile) Matt Gaetz- eagerly swallow a mealy-mouthed retreat to fascism.

Hook, line, and speaker.

Behold a VIOLENT full throated CPAC – GOP endorsement of Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

Tucker Carlson-one shrieking crocodile tear drop away from gushing- “Heil Hitler- mein Vlad”!

DO flunky uniforms of authoritarianism fit?

Wear it- BE loud and proud- A MAGA Nazi –(standing small) AS the VILE dupe- Trump dreamt you should be.

John V Thomas
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Signed: Glenn Jones