AWOL supreme snort injustices

High on the HAWG.

No sheltering SHIP WRECKED citizens from- MAGA’s dilapidated, Supreme Court docket- to Hell.
Hammered bent, CROOKED-nails
Decrepit, ROTTEN, planks.

Clarence Thomas sets sale on “YET” another tropical vacation.

Chief Justice Roberts, (and millionaire wife Jane) plead- radio SILENCE.

Robert’s attorney wife- -another slick costumed, DC jewelry pawn broker.

Brokering attorneys, arguing favors- before “hubbies” Supreme Court bobbles.

Millionaires? Clarence followed his beak -straight up Crows assets.

Friend for life- Billionaire HARLAN CROW- pooped out “little Clarence Wannabe”.

Appointment for life, prestige, lifetime health care, pensions- ZERO accountability, yachts, private jets, luxury vacations PLUS- unaccountable bribes for WHITE WHALE WIFES.

Don’t worry folks- Wannabe (Captain) Clarence- harpooned “other” MAGA, FEDERALIST, FRIENDS- who shovel GOLD, and the POPES NOSE onto silver entitlement platters.

Stinks of complicity.

Harlan…never a “single thanks” in return… (Afterall)- Master Crow is filthy rich.

Skeletons in Crow’s KKKloset.

Crow’s- Hitler’s gallery includes NAZI linen closets.

Massa Crow NEVER referred to Thomas OR his lunatic evangelical wife as- “Step & Fetchitt, while they polished his jack boots.

Crow purchased SC employees their very own “legacy plantation”, Ginni planted BWHMA- (Brain Washed Hand Maiden Academy).

Clarence’s chronic tax miscalculations¬= High Cotton.

Thomas plantation…Where… pesky notions like “SEPERATION of CHURCH and STATE” … get hung out to lie.

Picnic- under ye ol Confederate “hangin tree”-

Salute- Jim Crows battle flag collection-

Shop- Justice Roberts wife’s reform school yard sale… (Buy- yourself a slave- era- ball and chain).

Priced to sell Y’all …down river.

Republican Justice…Absent without leave-

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Signed: Glenn Jones