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Sinead O’Connor was a victim of the media
Back in 1992, when I was just
Pope John Paul II was an evil Polish pedophile
Who was canonized by the Church
After that sexual predator died
His fellow culprits made him a Saint.
Jesus is spinning in his grave!
Then his successor – the Nazi Pope Benedict
Couldn’t stop touching little boys
That creepy old German prick
But conservative cancel culture kicked in to
Defend Catholic child molesters as they do
Republicans think kids are for them to screw
But Pope Benedict had to go…
How many boys can one man blow?
Conservative perverts never could handle it
The truth is right-wingers are pedophiles.
Sinead O’Connor was right the whole time
F**k the Catholic Church! Go to Hell now!
The Devil awaits you, Rapepublican pigs.
He’ll roast you on a spit like Pope Benedict.
And St. John Paul II burns in Hell
That Polack pedophile isn’t well
God hates the horny!
Or so we’ve been told
Unless you wear a hat and a robe.
Popes are pedophiles yes it’s true
And so are Dalai Lamas
Religious people are total fools!

Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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