New York Times REPORTER- (Honken Bobo here) -breaking news on Melania Stump.

Answering Questions: what Melania said “in Russian” to Putin while visiting Moscow?
why she stays married to 91 indictments?
Have her parent’s green cards been revoked by Joe Biden?
has her prenuptial agreement been adjusted for inflation after Donald Trump’s court hearings?

In broken English- Melania explains how she funnels crypto into a secret Swiss bank account, her “SMELL ALL”- BOOK RELEASE- promises to glorify EVERY SEAMY DETAIL even before Trump put a toilet bowl ring on it.

New York prostitute, deep state mole for eastern bloc espionage shell companies, a failed marriage- sharing WIGGED-OUT pimp “Donny”- with Stormy Daniels (while pregnant).

This page turner details Trump lifestyle as NYC slum lords, failed casino hustlers, pedophile party neighbor- best friend of criminal Jeffery Epstein in Florida.

Life on a couch in Mar-O-Lago, photographing TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS for Saudi Royals.

Her favorite pool BOY TOY- It’s ALL HERE, all true.

Ten lifetimes of STUPID crammed into one IDIOTIC CARTOON!

BEHOLD! a glamorous perpetual crime spree of SWAMPY sewage.

Keeping up with Trump’s sociopathic mantra of LIE, CHEAT and STEAL (was exhausting even for this gold-digging two-bit hooker)- A Slavic agent- who never failed MASTER VLAD’S- assignment …
FAKING every orgasm! -GRIFT Don grifter.

UNTOLD Until now- HER secret agenda to DESTROY DEMOCRACY!

Plagiarized phony Charities, Christmas decorating the Whitehouse in a “WEIRDEST EVER” Dracula themed nightmare.


FACT or FICTION? (Like Fox News)-how low can they go? YOU DECIDE!

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