Today’s News, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow . . .

You’ve gotten your second COVID-19 vaccination. When will your life get back to normal?
That was the headline in the Chicago Tribune (Feb. 25, 2021). Having gotten my second
vaccine just a few days ago, I thought that as a public service, I should take a shot at the
500,000 lives lost Quiz, just to see if I could win the grand no-consolation prize. Here is
my contest entry. Just to make sure I covered all the bases, I gave them three answers:

A.  Never         B.  The day I die.         C.  What does ‘normal’ mean anymore?

        Unfortunately, the correct answer turned out to be:

D.  When the media stop asking that stupid question.

In my eagerness to win the race, I forgot to touch home plate. Serves me right
for being over-anxious. But I’m sure I’ll get another chance–when the Reaper
knocks on my doorbell, and says “hello, I’m from Publishers’ Charnel House.”
They’re in Washington, DC–where every House has a plague of some sort.
After all, misery loves company. And no one is immune to the BS Virus.

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn