Gated community

Most Americans will never understand Florida, I lived in the Panhandle for 12 years — this is my SOS report. Florida politics and Religion are basically white tribalism, 40 years behind mainstream thinking.

We lived north of Panama City on Hwy 231 between an albino gator farm attraction and the Gulf Coast Hypnosis center. It’s cheaper living in Florida because you get a less, especially kids, LESS education… that’s why we moved.

GOP Corruption is the coin of the Panhandle realm, small town politics, ingrained nepotism.

I wrote liberal editorials and battled local right wing radio talk show via phone on a weekly basis, I had some allies… but mostly felt we were living in a republicanism.

I was insulated from (most) retaliation because I worked at an Air Force base and was in a union.

On a personal level… Florida people are friendly.

On an influence level, being a political outsider makes you a target. Business groups and the Masons run their comprehensive agenda — behind close doors — people get unemployed if they don’t conform or talk above their pay grade.

Matt Gaetz swims at the top of Florida’s entitlement food chain, his Family and “those” GOP politics ARE THE UN-WOKE problem — they insure sorry wages and zero upward mobility for average Floridians…

Gaetz MAGA sewer depends on privilege — Exploitation, racism, endemic corruption… 12 years we paddled against that rubbish … Florida’s legal bar… kept too low to crawl under.

Gaetz — born wealthy, marries rich, flaunts White, and dead wrong!

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Signed: Glenn Jones