Raining money

It’s raining money.

Corporate Amazons bottom line is “WE DON’T PAY TAXES”.

Jeff Bezos is so wealthy he would rather burn money then pay fair wages to his employees. Warren Buffet said “he pays less tax than his secretary”- he lords over billions yet contributes pennies in taxes. Is this really the American way?

Fossil fuel companies (subsidized by our Government) buy solar energy companies to hang like cheap suits in a dark closet. Guess they can wear those when our world burns down!

The Pentagon wastes so much money in the F-35 program, Putin and China sent thank you letters.

If Russian aviation built that DUD during WWII- they would have lost the war.

It’s not just America of course… The Queen of England and Pope are World class tax dead beats.

Most world leaders strip mine their nations wealth, hide fortunes in Swiss banks and spend like drunken sailors on yachts, mega estates, and clownish crowns.

How is the average family anywhere on earth doing? Saudi Arabia or North Korea for example…same exploitation, same Fascist slavery – different GPS.

Kim Jong Cognac and MBS are well fed tyrants – their subjects starve… or get hacked to death at an Embassy just for asking “WHY?”

Money politics and Democracy always matter-that’s why.

Countries with actual infrastructure, Health, transportation, education and quality of life look like Scandinavia because their TAXES serve ALL citizens- NOT a few.

In Scandinavia- it’s not actually raining money; it’s just not reigning stupid.

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Signed: Glenn Jones