Rifle Colorado

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert – (the embarrassment of Colorado 3rd district), has done nothing for Citizens- everything is self-promotion.
Boeberts constitutional understanding encompasses only one amendment, yet… she clearly doesn’t understand that either.
Taken to her level of absurdity, everyone should walk around America with pistols, ammo belts and a long gun ready. “HEY PAL…that’s ma park’n space!
Hospitals, daycares, schools- “watch out” here comes Dirty Harry, (I mean) … Boebert!
How about a full-on military flame thrower? Belt fed weapon?… Isn’t YOUR Church safer if Boebert and her Oath keeper pals pass grenades while “prais’n the lord”? (maybe not).
Boebert is certain her GAWD and Trumps Qanon angels will sort us all out… she has just the tools to “target” Liberalism, no background check or mental health required.
Driven by delusional Qanon principles and her history of domestic violence… “Boebert vision” perceives our world as one big bar brawl, – (1) “DO THE WHITE THING” (2) bring superior firepower- (3) appoint yourself vigilante (4) storm your State Capital for Trumpbertism, (like she did in DC January 6th 2021).
Boebert’s Momma (featured on a pathetic You tube video) calls herself Snookie, (5) hates “Brown” people, (6) packs pistols to Walmart. Mommabert (7) projects neither manors nor civility.
A “fully weaponized” Clan of redneck dumbbells- (8) attempting to Turn your life (and our Government) into a Mad Max movie.
Citizens BEWARE – Boeberts “bull” mental jacket and her seditionist rhetoric are (9) blaring a (tone deaf NRA) gun barrel polka- (10) near you.

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Signed: Glenn Jones