Congressman Devin Nunes, Little (district 22) Shop of Horrors.

Grafted to Trump, rotten apples never tumble far from the tree- Devin’s friends are low places.

Barley concealed fascism, Nunes has bean wasting voters’ thyme slopping his own high hog. Voters smell wishful stinkin in his stockyard.

“I’ve given you sunlight, given you rain, looks like you’re not happy…unless I open a vein.”-(taxpayer)

Nunes shills with nuts like Rudi Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. Political weevils and carpet baggers- The Fresno Bee (local paper) says “We deserve better.”

Lettuce hope voters stop shoveling for his majesty’s mushrooms kingdom.

Nunes Leeked classified documents, turnips in Russian collusion, never earned his Congressional Celery and ain’t so grape for San Joaquin valley. He’s been “Putin” on the Ritz- while America’s heartland is squashed to beets.

Seedy liability, thin-skinned jams and personal pickles- Nunes dumps by the muck load.

We should have seed Nunes self-serving hypocrisy and drought of ideas from a country mile.

Leafing constituents with little more than cracked pots to pea in, Nunes nurtures rows of corporate donors not people.

GOP CORPORATE MEGA FARMING pleezse put your feed together to pray for deeper sink holes; more invasive pests, foreign feed bags, and poisoned wells… THANK DEVIN- thank You Cheesus- for these D-vine grifts… – It’s reigning manure and empty pork barrels in our valley!

Enough GOP dust to arti-choke? Tired of haywire (political) brain tubers? Feeling irrigated?

Nunes soiled out little farmers to Big AG years ago- VOTE -Adios Amigos.

John Thomas
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