Most current American political problems resulted from a (Republican majority) Ultra-Conservative Supreme Court (2014), awarding “corporations” the “rights” of living, breathing people- basically Frankenstein with a gavel.

The graveyard came alive- attacking average Americans- who couldn’t challenge this (now legal) and diabolical purpose driven insult.

Floodgates to secretive funding and operatives drown out common sense- no lifeguards in the Swamp.

This court suppressed voter rights in 2013 (Shelby v Holder) saying racist State governments could be “TRUSTED” to handle elections with fairness and dignity- just like THEY NEVER DID IN THE PAST.

Again- (behind fancy words) the Supreme Court intentionally injured citizens with mean-spirited bias- Easily provable results are Disenfranchisement and discrimination.

Liberals should laser focus (right now) on using our current majority to dump the Filibuster and add some (non KKK) robes to a corrupt Court.

Counterbalancing inexcusable wrongs can be done immediately, However…

Tone-deaf Democratic leadership (almost never fails) to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

One yard from goal line… it’s quarterback (zombie) Nancy Pelosi “Thanking George Floyd for sacrificing his life for ….
Say what?

RETIRE NOW -if you can’t find less ghoulish words lady. Like most of these Supreme Court (in)-Justices- DO WHAT’S RIGHT (before turning 666).

Justice isn’t rocket science. The basis for fairness -is- Would You want someone doing that to you?

Most elementary school classrooms would do WAY better Folks.

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Signed: Glenn Jones