ROGER stoned

Matt Gaetz transcript.

Roger Stone told me to say Daddy is wearing a wire for the FBI, whole thing is a liberal media set up -I’m smelling like roses.

(door knock) – it’s my new intern wearing a hula-hoop “take off your clothes – hang out with class act- Congressman Matt”- (his no-tel school room franchise).

like some KOOLAIDE to wash down the Ecstasy and bong smoke? how about a private jet to the Bahamas? I’ll pay your “tuition” with a phone app –ask any High Schooler – I’m Mr.Right!”.

Look- it’s BFF- Trump N’ me, myself and ME (say SLEAZE)

Fox News point man here- SELF-declared “King” of the Mullet Head Swamp Clown Rodeo (filmed live in good Ol’ Destin Florida).

(knock knock) … another deep state investigator- demanding my cell phone, Tax collector (Pal O’ mine) Greenberg said communism begins when a… handsome, millionaire, Congressman (ME) -can’t pimp out hungry desperate cheerleader bimbos (your daughters)- what’s GOP entitlement coming too anyways? (Pan camera to Clown tear drop)

Do I look worried about your no-knock warrant? I’m never going to jail, I represent Florida’s most conservative district, I’m filthy rich, daddy can pick up any tab, we own this beach front reality strip show, local Baptist Churches have already forgiven me, I’m build for battle, tip of the white conservative spear, got dirt on everyone. (cut tape)

I’ll write another scorchin book, name names. Circle the wagons Stone…Sheriff Matt here -demanding justice, I’ll see yall in Court…Bla,Bla,Bla.

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Signed: Glenn Jones