now is a good time

The anti-vax, anti-science crowd have TV’s, right? they see the news- what’s happening in India …death on every doorstep- very sad.

Plenty of “so called” third world humans wish they had a vaccination- SORRY INDEED -it’s NOT available. No money, NO hope- NO time.

If it were just a personal decision- facing down Covid with religious (or nutty) beliefs, if it was only you effected by your bad decisions, maybe it wouldn’t matter, but it does.

A selfish mentality continues “thinning out” the herd alright- picture denial- marching off a cliff.
Front line healthcare workers are who you put at risk. A few minutes, a simple shot… so someone three doors down- doesn’t die.

(before Fox News disinformation) EVERYONE got polio vaccinations -EVERYONE.

This (should be) the modern world, work together or Covid may devolve into something worse- unimaginably worse.

Remember fearless leader Trump? (who nearly died from Covid)-survived only because of cutting edge treatments, got his vaccination later- (in secret), never recommended his followers get vaccinated-

Trump really must hate America- to politicize a public health care crisis, some hero.

What the CDC is saying- Don’t miss your opportunity… RIGHT NOW.

Next year…Who wants to be alone, in some ICU, demanding oxygen? prayers not saving you, Doctor is trying, but who knows.

IF “the Lord helps those who…

IF incentive is anything- Count me in, help yourself NOW.

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Signed: Glenn Jones