the Villages

Matt Gaetz/ Marjorie/ world tour kick off at-The Villages.

You need special “ticket” for this Florida Man ROCK STAR EVENT.
Not open to the public- a vetted crowd on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

NO FIREARMS ALLOWED- 2nd Amendment rights have been suspended-for the safety of Matt and Majorie, (after the VIPs leave… bring a machine gun for all we care).

Hear Firsthand- second hand QANON REPORTING.

Matt and Marjorie will communicate telepathically on stage LIVE with Qanon- OUR SACRED ENTITY OF DEVINE STUPIDITY.
Topics will range from IS JESUS A REPUBLICAN? LEVITATION OF YOUR WALLET, SNAKE OIL CURES FOR COVID, BUILD YOUR OWN BORDER WALL, and when will our current President- Donald Grifter Trump- OFFICAILLY be Declared leader for life of planet earth.

Replica Bibles will be sold at auction -a nearly exact copy of the unread version Donald held in front of a DC Church after streets were bombed with tear gas and peaceful protesters got their well-deserved smack down- signed and rewritten by JESUS Trump.

A bunch of older folks will be arriving in golf carts, seniors at the highest risk of
DEATH FROM COVID- so DO NOT WEAR A MASK -your personal freedoms are more important than Grama or Grampa.

Trampled freedoms – not on our watch.

FRIENDLY, COMPLIANT, REGISTERED REPUBLICAN, BLACK VETERANS, WEARING MAGA HATS will be ALLOWED- in the back of the auditorium, (if space is available).

Other black lives don’t really matter, but can watch a live TV feed from a YMCA in Orlando.

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Signed: Glenn Jones