Bibi din rodef

Netanyahu has played “tough guy” so long- it’s hard to imagine him finding compromise instead of more brutal confrontations.

He stoked the racist mobs, gave extremists his carte blanche.

Bulldozer rhetoric and politics has a two-edge blade.

Way more than a real estate dispute. A microcosm of intolerance, people in conflict, and a Government increasingly prepared to bulldoze a disenfranchised minority.

What sort of vision would Nelson Mandela have looked for? After years of prison Mandela worked without bitterness- knowing everything in South Africa could ratchet into decades long -bloodshed.

South Africa still travels dangerous roads, a cure for apartheid has no magic wand, but it starts with some trust, some dialog, and a bit of hope.

The entire region needs to do better… right now. The whole world is watching… Is Netanyahu prepared to take the blame, (not just credit) for poisonous ultra-nationalism?

How would he like it? If he were Palestinian, everything an ultimatum- maximum force, no two-state solution.

Trump sent his son in law to the Middle East as a rubberstamp. Jared Kirchner is a car wrecked funeral salesman, ground floor basement office -666- Park Avenue.

Only Trump would think that empty (white shirt) could provide vision or justice.
Jarred arrived like Trump – as excess baggage, expecting tips.

Baggage claims were only partly to blame- why send a hearse to pick up guests?

The only vehicle worse than Jared’s hearse… is Netanyahu’s D9 combat bulldozer.
Diplomacy forging swords from plowshares – Careful what you sow Bibi.

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Signed: Glenn Jones