welfare mutha

Today’s riddle is- how poor Americans are “crafted” into human shields for the ultra-wealthy?

Against their own self-interest, US masses must believe “SOCIALISM” will destroy OUR final chance to remain poor for generation- this takes massive- marketing- nerves of STEAL.

A decades long- FEAR strategy- hammered home by Conservative brainwashing has worked remarkably well! That’s why the rich have yachts, and the public has leaky lifeboats.

It’s not evil so much as… greedy pragmatism-

Most rich people don’t want to pay any taxe$. Fox broadcasting and (everything else) is owned by the- FABULOUSLY WEALTHY who DON’T SHARE OUR collective burden- for much of anything.

American media is basically a “24-hour infomercial” for why rich people should be worshipped as Golden idles.

The complexity and confusion our tax system ensures average folks pay a far greater percentage of income than Billionaire Warren Buffett- (he bragged about it).

Not suggesting CEO Buffett is an idle crook, he just pays as little as he can- which for him is…

Meanwhile…poor people of all color’s porter bath water for the Jeff Bezos Zillionaire class.

Otherwise?? America will starve in the fiery hells of communism? welfare mothers will smother capitalist innovation? we will revert to a stone age?

If I missed a single grisly detail- BUTT DIAL Tucker Carlson- (Mr.FLATULANCE)- fully vested in, financed by, and part of “what we smell as” our Idol ruling class.

Tucker isn’t a real Doctor, BUTT he does play one- on TV.

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Signed: Glenn Jones