freedom isn’t free

There is no daily recommended allowance for corn syrup and sugar in American diets.

On average there are 16 teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda. The reason you don’t taste “insane” sugar is the “counter punch” by citric acid and salt (sodium).
Toddlers love Mountain Dew!

Are you hearing this for the first time from me? Scary right!

American Dental Association has officially declared your teeth and gums are not actually a part of anyone’s body.

From way back when…everything about dental insurance has been carefully separated from the rest of you- meaning- that’s not covered.

Unlike most other Medical professionals- Dentists are pretty much paid in cash.

Part of the reason America don’t have socialized medicine, is “if” our Government actually has to be involved with healthcare, in a meaningful way (paying for it) our Government would have more say about obesity, sugar, smoking and all the industrial sized parasites feeding off our longevity, health and society.

Corporate fortunes depend on an uninterrupted spread of diabetes, sugary tooth decay, food additives, and most importantly…not taking any liability for it.

Modern medicines tasks cures, not causes, (so have a bigger gulp)!

Nobody sees tobacco disappearing tomorrow but compare the price of (20) cigarettes in socialist Canada- $18.00 Vs USA- $6.50

Canada realizes 20 years from now it’s all Canadians picking up the smoking bills for lung cancer. In America- the Marlboro Man dies alone in a privatized ashtray- a benchmark of rugged individualism.

His “Freedom” isn’t free.

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Signed: Glenn Jones