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After winning the Presidential election, and controlling the House- why are Democrats navigating VICTORY- like losers?

Republican termites are busy undermining elections (only where they lost) on multiple local levels – (Arizona is a pathetic example).

Mitch McConnell retains his brass knuckle filibuster to thwart majority decisions, and unless Biden rewires a Supreme Court (packed with Trump appointees) …Roe v Wade and gun madness mandates will be contrary to a majority.

Equally troubling -the Justice Department protects a (twice impeached) President. Embarrassed that Bill Barr conducted himself as Trump’s door mat – (mob boss- fixer), they should right their wrongs-RIGHT NOW.

Few insurrectionists who attacked our Nations Capital are in jail.

Embolden behavior of GOP law makers isn’t just reckless- it’s PROOF they are unfit for any duty.

Speedier trials and actual time behind bars for insurrectionists. Censure and disbar legislators who enable this coup attempt, otherwise expect more deadly consequences.

Don’t recognize Biden as President?… turn in your badge- swim back in denial to your personal swamps, no need for you to be paid as a public servant anymore.

Start at the bottom, with that spoiled crook who never made an honest living in his life.

Release the avalanche of evidence and tax data showing exactly how Trump continues to lie, cheat and steal public opinion and anything else he can grift.

Let Trump navigate HIS BIG LIE (as to why) he really isn’t a billionaire, a President or plausible human being.

John Thomas
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Signed: Glenn Jones