lost in space

Imagine how many problems would be solved if all the Fascists, bigots and racists on earth boarded spaceships to somewhere else.

Goodbye and good luck!

Sadly…the Spanish inquisition and flat earth society never really packed their bags.

For deplorables- Martin Luther King and social justice- are a liberal plague.

As a kid- I was sure Science and technology would put religious superstitions and master race dogma in humanities rearview, but racist lunatics are gaining on us at light speed.

When I see insurrectionists and Qanon believers on TV- I think… “at least I’m not that stupid”, unfortunately even “that” perverse entertainment value has been scoured away by their brutish selfishness.

It’s hypothetical of course but imagine those deplorables- piling out… onto their new planet, already grumpy, at war with each other.
That guy isn’t “deplorable enough! String em up, BURN IT DOWN.

While average earthlings move forward with big earth challenges, deplorables anthem can be heard from outer space-(What a racket)-is that Fox News or fingernails on some intergalactic chalk board?

Since they wouldn’t have an actual Capital like Washington DC -deplorables would be limited to storming each other’s crater, stepping on faces and raising bigger (dumber) flags of flatulence into an uninhabitable dust storm.

Yes NASA… please provide insurrectionists that one-way ticket off our Blue marble. A free MAGA invitation to resettle the vastness and gloom of Uranus… far from liberals, childcare and tree hugging.

Star Trek reports…no sign of intelligent life –(perfect), Qanon should feel right at home!

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Signed: Glenn Jones