The Senate investigation won’t have the word “insurrection” Trump’s treason will be left out completely- that’s how we get to the bottom of things in America?

We got to this point of stupidity because Mueller’s report never included a forensic tax audit of Trumps taxes and few senior level people from Trump’s administration have been censured, sent to prison or even told they can’t practice law anymore.

This isn’t DISFUNCTION, because it’s working perfectly- for all the well-heeled crooks, strutting into court to tell Judges what he or she “can’t do”.

Traitors pardoned -and next day are screaming instructions into microphones to gun toting mobs.
Flynn, a former General “exercised” his pardoning- by endorsing a Myanmar style Coup.

Way down that command chain… Brian D. Sicknick, a Capital policeman (doing his duty) was sprayed in the face with a dangerous chemical, yet according to the DC Medical examiner- he “died of natural causes” the following night at 9:30 Pm.

That’s “THE BIG LIE”- (in a nut sell)-for all those “fascist nuts” buying into anything- MAGA.

Officer Sicknick died protecting Lawmakers who won’t even acknowledge police sacrifice.

Sicknick was murdered… just like voter’s rights legislation, and all the other stab wounds that ensure FREEDOM and JUSTICE die tomorrow.

Worse than a few “bad apple” Capital Police guiding a “hang Mike Pence” mob wearing MAGA hats… is West Virginia Senator Manchin.
Manchin daggers democracy through the heart while smiling platitudes, his only concern being himself.

ME, MYSELF and I- being reelected.

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Signed: Glenn Jones