Q rubbish

Qanon mindlessness has slipped into Media vernacular- as if it’s an “actual” entity.

A dummied down spokes vision for knuckleheads maybe.

Behold- a make-believe GOP cartoon superZero!

“Rushlike”- but without Limbaugh’s drug problems, bloated vulgarity, cheap cigar stains and premature lung cancer death issues- say hello to modern propaganda.

Another well-heeled Neoconservative myth based on “crapology”… like the famous “trickledown theory” of non-relativity.

Billionaires flush a toilet, and their golden effluence magically tinkles down to the working class.

So simple … it’s broadcast on Fox News to every trailer park of America. Today’s rehammered bent nail – BLAME THE POOR! It’s those Gay, ANTIFA, liberal socialists.

Qanon gravity has the same molecular weight as Cartoon Network- (magic unicorn stuff for Kids), at least big-eyed viewers (over 3) understand- that’s not actually real.

(Q)-reality is what “UN-WOKE” modern Republican’s tuck into- after violent insurrection bus tours of DC.
Qanon evades every TV camera on earth- (as if that’s possible).

Unlike BIG FOOT, Qanon wasn’t concocted before Trump took office- (amazing coincidence).

GOP Footprints trample directly through fascist sewers of propaganda- same muck- racked up by proud boy’s- ghosts of Reich “LIE minister” Goebbels.

As invented as Trump’s tax returns, as FAKE as Linsey Grahams backbone, as honest as Mitch McConnell’s entire life story, a split hair between clueless and HOPELESSLY UGLY.

Split hair politicians know they are LOSERS, sayin “dis” buttdoo’n “dat.”

On the other (invisible) hand… Q-can be shape shifted from whatever “fascistpoop” Trumpism demands, that’s …excrementally WORSE.

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Signed: Glenn Jones