living in a MANCHIN

Senator Manchin (claiming to be a Democrat) is disenfranchising our entire country, however he isn’t alone at DOG WHISTLE junction.

Citizens voting protection is overdue.
HR-1 is a necessary step in the direction of JUSTICE.

Denying citizens of any color the right to vote- is a runaway GOP dynamite train to Stupidville- exactly why Tulsa was burning 100 years ago.

Millions of voters in Arizona, Texas and Pennsylvania were depending on a couple Senators to stand up for something.

What a joke.

A lynch mob is gaining steam, crackpot GOP extremists are fermenting Jim Crow Kool aide.

Why get SO excited about religion and politics?

Because if we don’t put the brakes on WHITE NATIONALIST TODAY, voters will be jeopardized at polling places -TOMMORROW.

Evangelistic Churches are using their TAX-EXEMPT bully pulpit to poop on America and blame “other citizens” for not stinking like they do.

Preachers screaming “the whole world needs to drag OUR precious cross” … OUR Christian values- yet January 06th 2021, … Capital Police DIED in a MAGA insurrection (on live TV)-nobody repented for THEIR lunatic tent revival.

Confederate sins- Jim Crows filibuster, jerrymandering and brass knuckle obstruction- tracks straight to Hell.

Conservative Respect for law enforcement- (just PHONY lip service) -what America actually witnessed was rabid, weaponized, white, racists- (Jesus nowhere in sight).

Polling places patrolled by armed, proud boy, militia- voting places shut early, no longer existing for poor folks in Republican states.

This is how FASCISTS think they WIN.

Not today-NOT TOMMORROW-not America.

John Thomas
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