golfing in da ruff

Invented in Scotland (1552) Golf was a rugged sport for gentleman.

Golfers duffed their own clubs and bag; landscape wasn’t manicured into a superhighway for fat guys in golf carts, on cell phones- wearing starched white trousers-

Return the game to its pure original purpose- strategy, exercise and original landscape (with minimal extras) … otherwise – play Nintendo at the buffet trough.

If Sherlock Holmes cared to investigate, Trump’s entire phony resort empire receives massive farm subsidies for “growing golf greens”.

Trump doesn’t pay utilities either, because Trump brand is either a generous charity or public service- (meaning total fraud or bottomless grift).

Entire underground aquifers are “pumped dry” by golf resorts in Florida or Vegas at publics expense.
Desert golf courses are the shortest fairway to regional environmental catastrophe- change those bloated, leaking pipes.

Western states are in severe drought conditions- from now to any foreseeable future.

Sprinkler’s drench 18 holes in a desert. CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION tweet$ “MY world-everyone else can beg mouse holes in the rough.

To find the biggest hole at any Trump’s tax write off… just follow the crumbs- stuffing entitlement.

Golf won’t cease to exist when landscaping isn’t picture perfect- yet observe how golfing BILLIONAIRES deal with drought – “that’s other people’s dam problem- whatever’s green STAYS MINE”

Oops! – well ran dry… dam’s empty.

Minimum wage caddy’s “should tip” pampered resort tycoon Trump a scab of RAT cheese, QUENCH that binge whine…it’s a public service mouse actually can afford.

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Signed: Glenn Jones