ANTI fascist

“Anti-Fascist” has been cleverly changed to a foreign sounding word -ANTIFA. Is that some Mediterranean salad dressing? a skin disease?

It certainly seems menacing when used on Fox News.

Let take a moment to honor one of the original “Anti-Fascist” Heroes of WWII.

David Dushman recently died at age 98, the last surviving liberator of Auschwitz.

As a 21-year-old Russian soldier he drove his T-34 tank right over the death camps electric fences, they tossed their canned rations to starving victims … then in his words “drove on quickly, to keep chasing the fascists”.

David’s crew battled those Fascists every deadly step towards Berlin. He was one of only 69 soldiers from his original division (of 12,000) to survive WWII.

Hitler publicly declared his intention to starve and bomb Leningrad into complete annihilation, (that was just one city) in the gun sights of a siege lasting 900 days.

27 million Russians died because of Hitlers “BIG LIE”.

Another word game – the Nazi party called themselves “Democratic Socialists”- they were neither.

Germany become personality cult for one man’s lunatic crusade.

The buy in for that fancy uniform, jack boots and flag waving seemed reasonable- just your mortal soul, children’s future and everything else on your way to damnation.

Hitler’s politics demonized the press, elections had one certain outcome, alignment was with the wealthy.

Indoctrinate masses with poison, grievance riddled propaganda, phony doctrines, racial superiority over others, add a silent nod from the Church.

Apparently, GOP traitors haven’t learned a thing.

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Signed: Glenn Jones