The price of wasting water is about to change dramatically, a sea change in thinking- like it… or not.

On a big scale, I am confident “IF” America conserved water like Israel (or Mediterranean regions)- “WE” wouldn’t be on “E”.

We can’t make more water, but smart public service messages might help divert a crisis.

On a personal basis: don’t blast faucets, flush toilets every pee, or shower for an hour.

Being pragmatic saves money. Shorter cooler showers are better for your skin and hair anyways.

Doing dishes in the sink, by hand- saves water.

Some pee in the Family toilet isn’t unsanitary.

When water levels go below a certain point, Hoover dam won’t even generate electricity.

Does growing coconuts at the north pole seem like a good idea? Maybe growing watermelons and rice in the Mohave desert ISN’T EITHER.

Hydroponic drip irrigation is smarter when the dam is empty- why wait?

I doubt anyone in Israel takes half hour showers, (probably-more like two minutes). they don’t waste their resources like a Los Vegas water park- because they have WAY LESS.

Even if you don’t live in a desert- why waste anything? Conspicuous waste isn’t just expensive, it’s wrong.

Having a billion dollars does not entitle one person to sop a golf course with what an entire community needs to share.

Another definition of unnecessary GREED is… knowing the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

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Signed: Glenn Jones