As self-appointed Emperor of the Oregon separatist movement, my first duty is to relieve myself.

Hardliners (like Rambo) are already SECRETLY planning OUR breakaway province inside “New Idaho”.

An anti- liberal MAGA MANCAVE of Taliban Fascism.

Our biggest challenge isn’t creating a new economy because “crypto bit coin” mines are everywhere!

Bundy Ranchers will ALL BE as “filthy RICH” as rhinestone outhouses, just grab your metal detector, a fresh roll of TP-and GOfur GOLD!

HOWEVER…Finding women to buy into Neanderthal “GRATERTATOR”-(New Idaho) might take creative plumbing upgrades.

Women- (whom we call lovingly call “washboards”) can submit to Baptist styled Compliance and childbearing servitude (sans leadership) -so…(SIGN HERE BITCHES).

When new towns like “NOSIGNAL” and SLAGMUCK are created along the Old Oregon Trail- NO whiners allowed- bitching about –“ONEBAR”, NO heat, or tin-can-string-telecommunications.

If Women won’t air freshen this Brave New World with evangelical church styled hierarchy- our indominable testosterone will die on the MAN-vine of celibacy. (TRICKLE DOWN FURTHER theory).

(Social security and Pension checks can be sent to outposts if we ever suffered crop or power failures).

Export common sense and tranquility- stock pile- ammo, belt fed weapons and FAKE Rugged individualist- Clint Eastwood JUSTICE.

Everytown will be an OPEN-CARRY- OK corral- gun battle… itching for a false move, sign of weakness or shopping cart ding.

My (80’) RV features a MAGA holding tank, so dumping effluence onto (Liberal Land) National Forrest will be a thankless slog from Hell.

Qanon Patriot prayer portlets slogan-“WHERE ONE GOES-WE ALL GO”.

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Signed: Glenn Jones