Pence and Trump are a modern day Laurel and Hardy skit-
“another fine mess you got me into!”

5 years ago, Pence was certain he would take over as soon as Trump “grabbed another pussy” or wet kissed Vlad on his KGB.

Ironically…Pence’s election plans were spoiled by a white lynch mob of militant Christians screaming “HANG MIKE PENCE”.

SNL couldn’t make this stuff up!

Trump has already defined his Commodian stooge VP…HE would go down history’s toilet- as “a pussy”- Political theatre so vulgar and off Broadway … it wasn’t reported on TV, only written press.

Pence crawls across scorched earth his knees – all the way to his GOP religious end times.

Will the noose and gallows (built in our Capital) end up in the Smithsonian?

What history!

It simply screams “premeditated murder”.

You mean we don’t have a YouTube video of who “erected” that fascist contraption?
Maybe Melania Picked it out of her 2021 Jim Crow Christmas catalog -“White Christmas in Hell”. Proud Boyz signed- COD.

Not to be outdone, Tucker Carlson furnished the FBI timbers and rope. Fox News needed rope- to keep those (rebel) holiday crowds- black.

Pence greased his bum picking up Trumps mess and got his well-deserved “come-up-Pence” for being a widget polishing lackey.
You know what your Bible says right Mikey?

You knew who Satan was “when you picked him up”, because Trump knew exactly “what you were” when he -shoveled you in.

Mikey…How is the view… from the bottom of a shoe?

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Signed: Glenn Jones