Flynn Brothers Treason Inc.

Insurrection, and treason are nothing new in America, one was filmed in Dallas- broad day light, from an exacting location, with an 8mm “color motion” Bell & Howell camera.


The fellow who unflinchingly filmed JFK’s assassination – was paid a great deal of money for his 1963 amateur film exploits. CONGRATULATIONS!

Zapruder was not even a “professional film maker” he was however- a 33-degree Mason (SOVERIGN GRAND INSPECTOR GENERAL) of the Scottish Rite Temple in Texas, who just happened to have one of those newfangled MOVIE CAMERAS-rolling film that day.
REMARKABLE coincidence!

A “33-degree level” is above “SUBLIME PRINCE of the ROYAL SECRET” – (not sure what secret??) … but 33 ranking doesn’t go higher.

STRANGELY…None of this ever turns up in the Warren report.

Here is a modern-day coincidence…on January 06, 2021- former General Mike Flynn,
(convicted felon) was among Trump’s lynch mob, and Flynn’s brother (Charles) was at the Pentagon (pretending to be a General)- as our Capital was invaded.

Flynn has since been transferred to the Pacific Theatre (RANK (stink) INTACT), no valid answers why the Pentagon “denied” Charlie’s involvement- then admitted he was a principal decision maker that day.

Flynn was in a briefing room for hours; maybe his personally soiled Constitutional briefs- were pulled over his eagle scout eyes.

Flynn – like Zapruder, looked out a peeper hole, casually observing American History, while people got their heads blown off, just another day at the office- (if you are a butthole traitor).

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Signed: Glenn Jones