Bezos in space

Tens of thousands of Amazon employees are signing petitions to keep Jeff Bezos OFF earth once he leaves.

Bezos launches nonunion employees DOWN RANGE like disposable clay target pigeons.

Up Amazon’s commerce river without a paddle? Remember…piranha Bezos puts the I in TEAMWORK.

Sink or swim but- stay out of the path of Jeff’s high speed privatized rescue yacht-(seating for one).

No joke, entitled Billionaires already orbit earth… circling like house flies… to everyone else’s annoyance.

NASA’s mission changed from “air and space”- to launching some glorified (tax exempt) hot air balloon.

Why would America hand over Trillions in infrastructures – to a chiseler who doesn’t even pay taxes?

Uncle Sam couldn’t buy a cap gun or fly swatter with the taxes Bezos didn’t pay-

So… now he gets Houston’s mission control… on a silver platter? Fur why?

NASA employees will just LOVE running (like ragged postal dawgs)- delivering amazons “crap King” into thinning air.

Steerage class Humanity and common folk- don’t share much oxygen with LORD-Jeff- ask anyone who survives his madcap empire!


That precious diaper seating “Bezos auctioned” was to “highest bidder” – nothing to do with science or technology, just paperwork $tench- (after a big deposit).

ANY lard bucket with a FAT bank roll can now (officially) flush his newly minted (hero) progeny into the ozone.

“Little Johnny Rotten always wanted to be a TRUSTFUND astronaut! Happy Birthday little Johnny!”

Admiral Whanna B-(star date 2021)- Starship (Lard bucket)- BOLDLY ROCKETING NOWHERE.

…Yawl don’t come back… Yahir.

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Signed: Glenn Jones