military madness

As a Liberal, I should be thrilled Republican bobble heads are fully prepared to bobble along with Trumps grift, Tax Fraud and lies.

– Like- the TITANIC. I’m doubling down on an iceberg called TRUTH- winning, all that MAGA crap- ending up at ocean bottom.

I’m not thrilled fellow citizens will needlessly die because they think covid is a hoax- that’s pathetic selfish- avoidable-Thanks Fox News! -kill em all.

Not thrilled Republicans are officially the anti-voter Nazi party of violence. Wake up! be WOKE-(whatever man)- how about…don’t be a Nazi fascist asshole.

Not happy that Democrats can’t agree (even amongst themselves) America needs to be “rid of the filibuster” just admit- Mitch McConnell’s Republicans work for billionaires-that’s all.

It’s hardly a victory lap to see this is the preparedness (car wreck)- we have arrived at… together.


Enough weapons and “scorched earth junk” to destroy 20 earths, enough “common sense”- to fill a teacup.

The Pentagon is right across the river from our Capital, yet… General Flynn took hours to respond to lynch mobs building gallows on Capital steps.

A mighty aircraft carrier – incapacitated by covid- another “perfect example” of why- money FOR THAT isn’t working anymore FOR US.

Our enemy is inequality, ignorance, poverty, drought, deforestation, pollutions and bad energy choices.

Our enemy is not recognizing “self-inflicted” dangers crashing our gates -right now. Can’t we…GET STARTED? …

Leading by BETTER example…instead of being our own worst enemy.

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Signed: Glenn Jones