FAKE boobs

A “smallish” crowd at Trump’s rally in Sarasota seemed perplexed.

Should they clap for a tax cheat? Cheer for two sets of accounting books- operated by one corrupt racket?
At what point do those sheep chant “LOCK HIM UP”?

Using gestures that would put Pelosi to shame, Trump’s left hand was picking pockets, HIS RIGHT was staring into space.

His audience looked like a geriatric prison break.

Some guy’s sun glassed face- was completely wrapped in MAGA trash, was he “cousin IT” or a mummified Rumsfeld prop?

A sun baked 70-year-old lady wearing a red tank top (presenting massive fake boobs) was staged near Mr. twice impeached pick pocket.

All I could think was…” look at all the fake boobs on stage”.

Trump’s talent reminds me of Hilton Head Golf resort.

HH yacht basis is well manicured, but that lighthouse doesn’t serve any navigational purpose, it was never used by the coast guard to save a ship- it’s a tourist selfie.

Like Trump’s grift…Its a plywood prop for sunburnt golf bags.

Hilton lighthouse looks GREAT from 350 feet away, and I understand- its harmless landscaping.

By comparison, the closer you get to Trump FRAUD- the more you see how manicured crooks think.

I’m entitled- you’re not.

We STEAL- you lose.

Trump exposes JUST one tip of American tax fraud.

Foundations milking millions, fake Charities, tax exempt religious hate groups, NRA Lear jets, offshore banking… working poor pick up their tab.

It takes a working person 50+ years to make a million.

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Signed: Glenn Jones