Frightfully Bungled Investigations

Just as in 1939, Republican’s chose fear, ignorance and authoritarianism- NEVER FREEDOM.

Plenty of disenfranchised Americans cheered for Hitler’s ruthless authoritarianism in Europe, for unemployed minions… Hitler seemed like a man with answers… Swastikas waved in America.

Aviation hero Charles Lindberg gladly excepted- the Order of the German Eagle… from Hermann Goring in 1938.

FDR was elected by a populist landslide, yet FBI director Edgar Hoover sided with KKK and far right thinking…his enemies were Jews, blacks, communists, and organized labor- Hoover was a white supremist.

Organized criminals easily blackmailed Hoover for secretly being gay.

Homosexuality was leveraged to seal Edgar in a closet… while Nazi politics and hate-strangled America from within -authoritarianism fit the mob’s bill.

“G-Man” Hoover- couldn’t look beyond his own ingrained prejudice and self-preservation, Berlin couldn’t have chosen a more self-indulgent, autocrat.

Prior to WWII-Nazis spies and saboteurs flooded LA to NYC, Hoover was bent (crooked) by denial, petty infighting and administrative territorialism…protecting America from fascists- wasn’t his priority- because he was one.

Hoover ignored obvious espionage, ordered his Bureau to close cases against known German spies, and swallowed whatever “worthless small fry”- organized crime syndicates threw him.

Hook, line and sinker- Anti-Semitism, anti-union- decorated with flags.

Fascism in America reemerges center stage in 2021-

Oligarchy thinking permeates the pentagon- Trump declared “War on America” and GOP Senators march as a bleating lynch mob.

The FBI investigates low hanging cartoon characters (wearing buffalo costumes) instead of treasonous Senators and Congresspeople wiping their feet on democracy.

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Signed: Glenn Jones