Haiti is unraveling, abject poverty is boiling over in our hemisphere- 700 miles south of Florida.

First claimed by Spain (1492), next by France (1697), Blacks were dragged from Africa to work (and die) as slaves for plantation owners.

One of the richest colonies in the world, this once beautiful island was controlled with whips and chains.
Environmentally exploited for hundreds of years, anything of value was sawed down or shipped away.

Most Americans (probably) believe “Haitian anarchy” is what happens when BLACKS run their own country, (foreigners never allowed Haiti its own destiny).

In 1804 Haiti was the first independent nation of Latin America, a glorious moment that would not last long.

Uncle Sam’s rifles and boots OCCUPIED Haiti from 1915-1934, nineteen additional years of HUMILIATION.

Haiti has been targeted for PUNISHMENT ever since abolishing slavery in 1805, (sixty years ahead of America).

Western capitalism has always pounded its iron fist on the scales of Haitian justice.

The CIA “handpicked” Papa Doc (1957-1971) then- Baby Doc (1971-1986) -TWO- slippery, tyrannical, banana republic SNAKES- stealing the treasury and cracking any coconut who dare complain.

American industrialists determined- Haiti will endure whatever corrupt government we install.

Freedom from anarchy, honest elections, fair laws, and living wages are out of stock in a place that should be a tourist destination.

Off Haiti’s coast- America claims NAVASSA ISLAND.

This (tiny) disputed “territory” is another example of America never righting- what has been wrong- for so long.

John Thomas
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Signed: Glenn Jones