Tucker Carlson

All media outlets are owned and operated by the wealthy, catering to a specific spectrum of consumer.

I suspect (before airtime)- REPORTERS and EDITORIAL OPINIONS are run through “JUST” one strainer… a form of censorship based on who pays salaries.

CNN might reveal that Tucker Carlson refuses to say if he is vaccinated –implying Fox News is “disingenuous” for endangering the public, but…not much besides.

Murdoch isn’t fair or balanced and has already double downed on Orwell’s 1984 propaganda play book.

Can Murdoch really OWN the exclusive discretion to yell “fire” in a polling precinct or at hospitals administering vaccines?

FINE ($) Murdoch’s self-serving enterprises back to the stone age for EVIL PURPOSE DRIVEN DISINFORMATION and HATE SPEECH.

FACT- Fox causes real damage- THAT’S not “an opinion”.

Claim your -FIRST AMMENDMENT-… fine, (say what you please), but DO SO with a continuous scrolling message that says “THIS IS TUCKERS OPINION-NOT AUTHENTICATED NEWS”

Rudy Giuliani and all the rest…can say what they like, JUST DON’T offer America- “clown boots disbarred lawyers” as truth speakers.

A divisive BUCKET OF HOG WASH- fewest facts.

Rupert Murdoch POOPS propaganda on America 24-hour a day, a spooky agenda of subterfuge diarrhea and crooked politics.

Rupert makes HIS fortune selling voodoo dolls, snipe hunts, treasure maps to nowhere, third world war tom-tom drums and Trumps PHONY grift.

Opinions are like Barbie dolls- not everyone should have one.

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Signed: Glenn Jones