Liberal media paints a picture of bad CFO behavior, when really… Allen is just another mislead accountant who misplaced a few thousand dozen decimal points-

(As if Billary never made mistakes).

A first-time offender, no criminal record, his gleaming limo’s (AC) may have caused “remorseless brain freeze”- or worse!

50 years of SAUSAGE PACKING for Trumps meatings would grind anyone into cold- spineless- MAGAovers..

Ankle bracelet him, scratch 73 times on the chalk board- “I will not embezzle, cheat or falsify documents. (til probation ends)

Isn’t it enough to be publicly shamed? (a GUCCI crown of thorns!) Doesn’t Jesus wear a Rolex?


Allen’s intentions are purer than the driven grimy slush funds piled at Trump Towers-
bookmarked by two sets of BUTTS- (one skid marked -another wiped clean).

Accounting 101…

2 are MO betta then 1,…

“Behold…another FAKE POOP your Honor! – OFFICIAL TURD counter for HIS MAGESTIES outhouse- He who used a Bible for toilet paper.

Thank Gawd- Donald Trump Jr. can wipe Allen’s left-over clod hoppers – (One ply fits all).

No more misteaks!

Barefoot Allen might enroll in a remedial Federal accounting program- (called PRISON).

“Junior Achievement” takes his plunge…Afterall Junior taught advanced clogging and Lego blocks at Trump Univershitty.

Junior could rebury an entire graveyard of (still screaming) debts in soiled spread sheets- with his third eye blind.

Like African safaris gone by…Junior machine guns endangered animals out the window of his Land rover at the Bronx Zoo.

“Shooting and Looting” – Trump multi-tasking birthrights.

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Signed: Glenn Jones