FCC fun house

In order to be “really funny”- I filed a complaint online with the FCC against FOX NEWS!

It was easy, and who knows- enough complaints… and maybe Fox and fiends will stop killing our fellow citizens with Covid DISINFORMATION.

Hard to believe that is their PUNCH LINE- killing people- hey look-GRAMA IS ON A VENTILATOR-ha ha ha.

ONLY IN AMERICA can a 24-hour news network KILL THEIR AUDIENCE, your friends, our family, the people down the street-hey look ANOTHER COFFIN
-he choked, get it?
Cough in?

ISN’T THAT A SCREAM? I love when the jokes on me…don’t YOU?

Another funeral for some old people, you know what would be really funny?

OK… hold on to your funny bone- lets load a COVID corpse and shoot it through the window of Fox Broadcasting while Tucker is talking LIVE on air!!!!!

some DEAD person goes flying through the TV studio… wearing a MAGA t shirt or something???????

I really haven’t worked out all the details, and maybe its really not that funny, but- HEY…at least I’m sorry for sayin right?

That’s more than you can say about that undertaker named Rupert Murdoch-

that’s the WISEguy who owns that Fking Fox fun house-


of that diseased brain outfit, with money pouring out of his custom-tailored pockets.

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Signed: Glenn Jones