just desserts

TODAYS SPECIAL-Ice cold Justice delivered on a red-hot subpoena.

Republican Leadership better “FIGHT LIKE HELL” …because “boiling small TATORS” is their only recipe for saving themselves- DISORDER UP!

Blaming anyone and anything is GOP “soup devour”.

Republicans contend rioters are being “sliced and diced” as POLITICAL PRISONERS- truth sees it as JUST DESSERTS.

Before getting heckled off stage, GOP Congresspeople (losers) were blaming January 06th events on- Democrats.
I’m confused…was that a loving group of patriots? Or ANTIFA disguised as Capital Police and Nancy Pelosi?

Rotten angry white vegetables are disposable (thrift store) pots and (body armor) pans for BIG SHOT Republican leadership.

Small tator MAGA …enjoy that (months-old) fry grease- Trump celebrates “ U Putting the I in SCHEME.

Official grilling… TOP GOP CROOKS are “steamed”- they STUPIDLY “volunteered” to take ALL Trump’s LIABILITY heat.

A smorgoeus-morgue of FASCIST criminality, last weaks LIMP crockktail- Hold nose-dive in!

Meals of Justice can’t crush stupid fast enough… BIG MAC (with slease) riding TAXflea golden arches escalators- (may never pick up a tab)- but Sir FAKENESS can expect blunt “tips” from abandon waitstaff.

Have it your way!

Hold that special sauce video- RUSSIA!

Telling Blatant lies (under oath) is A WHOLE different kettle of (eatable) fish -then what CRAP Republican BOTTOM FEEDERS cast off on FOX FISHSTORIES.

“That right Your Honor- nobody with a brain or stomach for truth- would believe any of what I just said”.

Possum beaks and pork genitals “That’s -WHAT’S SOLD- as prime rib- hair at… Trump Burger”.

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Signed: Glenn Jones