My Swiss bank account

I’ve been biting manicured nails lately, worried about where to hide my massive wealth.
Like Trump’s family- We never paid taxes.

Rest assured-old Chap… Neutral Switzerland will do business with anyone- filthy or rich.

Think about this for a minute- SWISS were the “GO TO BANKING” (country of choice) for every top Nazis during WWII- even HITLER himself!

How is it this tempting, strategic country (in the middle of Europe) dodged all those bullets and bombs?

Chocolate or fondue DIDN’T make Swiss invisible, (Heavens no)- German war criminals simply never contemplated bombing their own banks or looted booty.

Escaping RICH to South America (after losing) meant Nazis were still winning!
Without Switzerland- they would be just poor seasick fascists, slinking away aboard secret U-boats.

Apparently, schools don’t teach kids anything- like how Swiss Industrialists- eagerly underwrote most of the Nazi war efforts.

Fact is-German militants were nearly bankrupt while destroying Poland.

Swiss banks rejoiced over stolen gold- chiseled out of Jewish teeth… all magically… transformed into precious bullion ingots.

Industrious Swiss elves- manufactured precision instruments, weapons and navigational devices during the entire war for the Third Reich.

BUSINESS was BOOMING for Adolph! Wounderbombeincashyeigh!

Oh, well- no sense dwelling in the past (or now), since… nothing really changes.

How many “minutes” would WWII have lasted… if the Allies simply bombed Zurich instead of Berlin? – Banks closed comrade!

That’s all just conjecture, (a fiction too hard to imagine dear fellow)- Afterall- bombings, and taxation ARE reserved for … little VOLK.

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Signed: Glenn Jones