GARTH BROOKS sings mattgaetz

I’ve got FELONS in LOW places, where dark money flows- and Qanon chases- liberals away- It’s insurrection day!

TOASTING Gaetz… (doped champagne) … credit card charges- FRAUD campaign.

MAGA Wheels up, Bahama flights- pubescent girls, stoned unconscious nights.

OOPS- another felony- slips away.

Legal counsel says -I’ll be A- OK…

predator of fresh-faced minors-Jeffery Epstein and I troll Baptist tent revivals-

Promise em anything- -pay by the hour.

In some suburb- Kicked to a CURB.

MINOR ABUSE (provided FREE) … criminal punkass- Southern hos-pit-ality-

Matt’s a FAKE nobody -on FOX TV.

Never mind his disgraceful mission…

Kevin McCarthy says all’s forgiven-

(Meanwhile)… cruising any all-girl school-

…Gaetz LURKS -(a creepy worm salesman TOOL).

“Passed out- drugged on jello shots”!

What a coincidence! – I just got laid! -my…. WINGMAN PAID-

DUI Drunk STOMPING -favorite holes-

happy hour fishin…brung ma WEANER pole.

Honeymoon OVER, swampy denial – Hubby’s fake ID’s- congratulations Mr. newlywed sleaze.

“Hey Tucker Carlson… bedded ME another ill-gotten Minor… remember we wined and dined her?

Nothing sacred left… just smoke n ash, thanks to
Bill Barr’s AG BBQ… burning white trashes.

Drunken Congressional orgy YOUR HONOR – SO bill me later … Hell KIN pay.
TONGUE TIED, Broke- send more bail…

Roger Stones calling collect… from jail.

Fire branded LARD BUCKETS stain Honey Boo-Boos Sunday’s best-

Niceville’s Florida-hypocrite- junkie-won’t confess-

Misfit, UNFIT- Florida’s … entitled FLUNKIES.

Dawn til dusk… LIE, CHEAT, STEAL- TREASONOUS Trump monkeys.

Panhandle Republicans preach “social graces”-

closer you look…

it’s just empty spaces.

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Signed: Glenn Jones