Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your Kids…

Spent a fortune getting to Mars.

No trees, shrubs, or water- no place to vacation- looks like a dusty red-hot nightmare- what humans are turning earth into.

Is it practical to travel that far- for this little?

Earth biome NEEDS help NOW.

Every bar of gold stacked in Fort Knox- isn’t worth our forests and fresh air.

Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource- yet the timber industry chain saws and clear cuts anything growing bark, where does this LEAF us?

Greta Thunberg’s CONCERNS are 20/20 vision…she knows what the petroleum industry has planned for everyone- a death march to Mars.

Oil industry has brainwashed American into thinking solar energy couldn’t boil water- mindless industry experts decided… (cartel) profits require nuclear reactors, oil wells and coal.

Consumers DESERVE sustainable solar and wind power as a renewable energy source.

Taxpayers SHOULDN’T subsidize coal mining in 2021.

Citizens WOULD have high-speed transit- if not for big oil, auto and tire companies, perpetually shooting us in both feet.

We are Running out of time and money- humans run smarter -onboard 300 MPH electric trains, not stuck in traffic.

Average citizens never demanded three thousand types of unrecyclable plastic … or a 9 mile per gallon guzzling anything.

John Crapper’s toilet was fine for 1880, … unsustainable, wasteful -this century.

We flush our most valuable resource right down the drain- fresh water.

Mars doesn’t have a single ocean front view… no bubbling brooks, open windows, or a single flower…never did, never will.

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Signed: Glenn Jones