nuts for oil

Republican Women Lauren Boebert, MTG and Sara Palin share unremarkable similarities- SOME -good looks – ALL the stupid.

Boebert’s husband (Jayson) BANKED- $478,000.00 undisclosed dollars as a consultant for “TERRA ENERGY”- (Outright bribes).

Jayson BETRAYED Colorado citizens for oily peanuts … Considering what TERRA cashed in returns.

Jayson could have demanded 5 million for evaluating FRACKING THINGS- like… differences between a dry well and his wife’s morality…OR- faults, Or that 20K lien DEFAULT on their failing restaurant hole “SHOOTERS”.

SHOOTERS “craters to” white supremist and insurrectionists and dishes out CRAP FRACKIN food -riddled with bulletins from the Colorado health department.

Shooters unwashed hands “pray” everyday- their “pork sliders” don’t fill yet another hospital ward.

Is Boebert auditioning for a NRA promotional job shooting up schools? – her cracked TV campaigns feature more military weapons than a Columbia DRUG CARTEL.

Nothing wrong with guns, right?

Afterall…plenty many Republicans spent their kid’s college fund on Teflon coated, armor piercing, cop killer- bullets and SNIPER RIFLES- just like Lauren.

Boebert famously declared ON- November 06 -TODAY IS 1776! – (Implying MAGA NUT JOBS… should murder Capital Police (they did) and hang Pence (they tried).

Despite being told not to, Boebert cell phoned specific locations of Senators in real time during a riot- basically- TREASON.

Boeberts Congressional office space doesn’t contain a single REAL book… messaging – “I’m illiterate, brassy, trash, uninterested in Law, Civics, Colorado or American history”.

Boebert in Congress- the biggest nut Colorado ever shot out of an oil well.

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Signed: Glenn Jones