Hope I’m wrong!

Based on profound and consistently racist behavior by Judge Bruce Schroeder in the Rittenhouse trial, I predict HE will declare a “MISTRIAL WITH PREDUICE” after the jury comes back with a guilty verdict.

Meaning the trial will be “thrown out” without a chance of retrial.

From day one, this judge has behaved as if HE is an honorary NAZI leader of the “proud boys”

This trial in particular… is critically important to the FASCIST RIGHT, because- it determines the legality of white nationalist groups bringing weapons to protests or State Capitals.

intimidating Citizens with military grade weapons, pointing loaded rifles, use of laser sights and vigilantism allows conservative State and Local governments to claim- “plausible deniability” when people get shot.

Citizens are horrified by police violence impacting all Americans, but especially- people of color. The Police and their behavior are also on trial, and this Judge knows it.

Schroeder’s writing is on the walls, 600 national guard troops are activated – Schroeder made it perfectly clear what his intentions are-

despite a jury decision.

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Signed: Glenn Jones