paul gosar-LOSER

Arizona Representative Gosar’s family went on national TV- reporting he is dangerous, crazy and should be immediately removed from office- They know him well.

Gosar’s staff spent taxpayers’ money “stealing” copywrited Japanese animation, turning Gosar and conservative cronies into “snuff films TROLLS”.

Not surprising… the GOP (minus 2) stood in “fascist solidarity” with Paul being censured by Congress.

Troll flavored Kool aide always tastes bitter- served on the rocks- in Trumpware.

Instead of being removed from Congress- Gosar will be fully paid as “ do-nothing”… accomplishing EVEN LESS (without committee or actual agenda)- sopping lobbyist gravy at a greasy influence trough.

While Alexandria Ortega Cortez works like a rockstar (spokesperson) for actual Americans, Gosar became a marvel cartoon character FOR LOSERS.

Paul – OWN YOUR white nationalist CRAP behavior –(LOUDLY)… NO MORE CLAIMING IT WAS “JUST A JOKE”.

STOP pussy footing around- REPOST (that animation) PROUDLY- it’s your life’s work- your munsterpiece!

Reissue a full-length cartoon -YOU machine-gunning immigrants at the border- pitchforking live bodies into flaming gas chambers.

Gosar- “man up” wear your gestapo uniform in Washington. Be a proud boy HERO- not a slinking wall flower ZERO- kowtowing to liberal snowflake!

Greet every American child with a full-throated –“HEIL HITLER” why just whisper that (brain damaged) glory to fellow degenerates at (secret) TROLL gathering?

Gosar the “perfect” JOKER… driving over peaceful patriots in Charlottesville, dynamiting black churches, hanging Mike Pence and FINALLY- running his own successful insurrection like Trumpware treason losers never could.

No acting lessons required.

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Signed: Glenn Jones