Gaetz “grooms” a GOP congressional intern.

Kyle Rittenhouse has been offered Washington intern positions by three GOP congressman-Gaetz, Cawthorn and Gosar- who all think HE has what it takes for the next insurrection.

Rittenhouse isn’t innocent, that clown boots courtroom was brimming with racial injustice.

Using Rittenhouse as a congressional stage prop is sick, how would you like working along side a dim witted 18-year-old vigilante who just murdered two people and shot another?

What sort of resume is this?

Driving without a license, illegally traveling a loaded military grade weapon across state lines, lying about being an EMT.

Kyle, I hope you accept that short term intern position with Gaetz, since “Congressman pedophile” is facing child abuse charges in a few months… you can just move next door to Gosar’s office.

This is “todays republican party”- another “LOSER demonstration”- those who think THEIR title and OUR government is a big joke.

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Signed: Glenn Jones