Kentucky GOP Thomas Massie’s holiday card make it clear- he is “dreaming of a WHITE (fascist) CHRISTMAS.

Will his family be shipping out as soldiers of (mis)fortune, to share Holiday gunfire with 3rd world citizens?

Massie thinks “owning liberals” means using his OWN kids as stage props DOWN RANGE for the next insurrection.

“That’s a good look kids”! OK- now everyone scream “HANG MIKE PENCE- FOR JESUS”

They have now “unwittingly” endorsed Daddy’s massive ego and GOP insensitivity; the only people Massie has “owned” are -his own family!

Recent school shooting victims (not dead or in a coma) SALUTE Congressman Massie’s foot soldier Family. Thanks for the leadership.

It’s a classroom… -OPEN FIRE!

Thanks also for… Letting the entire criminal world know you have an arsenal “worth stealing” for some future bank robbery, I’m sure your personal residence is impossible to find on google.

Why settle for “low key” … if your precious family can be used as future hostages-
Thomas certainly has telegraphed those smiling faces to every corner of the criminal underworld.
-Isn’t that what every Congressperson does? There is no breach of security.


Massie- If you handle your own family safety with such stupidity, you will surely do an outstanding job for constituents who need ammo.


Where is Granma? Didn’t she want to aim a grenade launcher at the non-Christian world?

Grampa probably fought in a “real war” somewhere and knows what an idiot his son is.

MERRY CHRISTMAS MASSIE-God will sort em all out.

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Signed: Glenn Jones