Since Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 -GOP fascism plunges into an ugly abyss.

America wasn’t cheated by a lone gunman.
Traitor LBJ -had motives, means… muscle.

Kennedy was no saint, but clearly had a better “civic” vision than most.

Since 1963, JFK’s murder explanation… passed from LBJ to Nixon – redacted, blacked out, never fully released…EVEN NOW.

Logic- runs straight to MAFIA, CIA and TEXAS OIL VAULTS brimming with cash and murder… a conspiracy.

Brief summary-

Johnson’s Texas lawyer/partner hired MOB killers.

FBI’s- Hoover hated the Kennedy brothers.

J. Edgar was blackmailed by the MOB (because of his homosexuality), Hoover turned FBI attention from “ACTUAL COSA NOSTRA” criminals to- chasing imaginary communist ghosts.

Nixon was up to his big nose in MAFIA payments and casino corruption, a political gambler, he courted underworld personalities and took IOU suitcases in cash… he was a crook.

Before Castro…Batista operated a Cuban whorehouse of gangsterism- Nixon’s mafia “embraced” Batista -while honest Cubans starved in Havana.

Nixon planned Castro’s murder because “his mafia pals” were sent packing. – Castro was no saint, just an improvement over (organized) criminals- pimping Cuban families.

Exactly Trump’s empire- Casinos, real estate swindles, moving goal posts- laundering syndicate money, nothing “hung out” to dry -except citizens and their votes.

Can Americans believe the Warren commission? Knowing Gerald Ford was inserted into it… like a “magic bullet”- by Richard Nixon.

A redacted, silenced, truth remains… locked away.

Great leaders, a nation- bled dry, citizens just… scraping by.

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Signed: Glenn Jones